Three beauty shots in a homey kitchen setting, warm, inviting, bright, cheery; maybe the morning sun or blue sky through a kitchen window...
Overcast March in northwestern Washington state.
The pictures tell the story...
Camera: Nikon D200, Nikkor Micro 105mm VR - positioned under the softbox and shooting slightly upward across the table toward the window.
Lighting: 4 Alien Bees, 2 umbrellas (32 inch bounce in kitchen, 60 inch shoot-thru outside window),1 medium softbox (main), and 1 20-degree grid and barndoors on the boom. And various flags etc as pictured.

Fun shoot! And the neighbors are used to odd flashes in the night - like when I'm 'macro-ing' spiders with a wireless speedlight in my garden at 1am on warm August nights.
Cheers, Jeff

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