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Art for Commerce

Jeff Lindeman was first exposed to photography in the early 1970's through a well-funded photography and off-set printing program at Lincoln High School in Seattle, WA. Photographer Jeff LindemanThen after playing alto sax on the local club scene to put himself through college in the early 1980's with a major in physics and a minor in art he relocated to New York City in 1986 to work in the music industry. Shortly he found himself with a few extra bucks in his pocket and fond high school memories of school-supplied Tri-X and late evenings in the school's darkroom. He purchased his first Nikon 35mm SLR and an old love was rekindled. Ironically enough, during that same year he also purchased his first Macintosh computer, and a new fire of love was sparked, though the graphic significance would not become apparent for a few more years.

As the promise of digital capture has come to fruition, Jeff has embraced the format without reservation. And being an Adobe Photoshop user since version 1, his considerable skill-set and eye for detail insure his clients get exactly what they want without compromise (and often defying reality). Whether shooting with a crew on location or alone in the studio, his upbeat, energetic and easy-to-work-with personality along with an understanding of graphic design, color, lighting and mood, garners the client's trust in his ability to see beyond the basic assignment spec and deliver the perfect image for the intended use.

Jeff Lindeman is a portrait, commercial fashion and still-life shooter that combines technical ability with artistic vision to create art that works; art with focus; art that gets the job done: Art for Commerce! And he's also been known to shoot 2,000 frames in four days, just for fun, while supposedly "on vacation" in Glacier National Park in Montana.

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